This week we get to see how Mike being a tenant to his own family works out.

First of all I’m surprised they didn’t have a “previously on” segment for this episode. Every other part 2 has had one.

The episode starts and it’s almost Breakfast time in the Seaver household. Maggie wants to tell Jason something, but he needs to promise not to laugh. He promises but does it anyway when Maggie tells him she misses Mike already. It’s suppose to be funny, but it comes off more obnoxious than anything. Besides it’s normal for Maggie to already miss Mike, especially for her. She’s very affectionate. Mike comes in because he’s doing some repairs to his new place. He also claims he’s taking to independence as Carol takes to food. As first I thought this was actually Kirk Cameron (Mike) referring to Tracy Gold’s (Carol) weight. A ton of fat jokes were made and Tracy Gold even struggled with Anorexia. I was wrong though. It’s brought up later in the episode. Mike asks Ben, while in the space above the garage, about what’s going on in the house. Jason and Maggie aren’t talking to each other, while Carol’s freaking out because she gained a pound and a half. Speaking of Mike’s place, the rent is due in advance. That’s now today. This seems a little unfair. Mike spent all his money fixing up the place. This isn’t a usual tenant situation either. I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure tenants have to fix the place up they’re renting. None of that really matters because we find later, from Boner, that Mike ordered a $300 water bed. That’s money that he could’ve obviously used for rent. Mike didn’t need the water bed. He could’ve just taken his bed from his old room. Instead he just lied to Maggie to get the money from her. He told that he needs money for food, because he spent all his money on fixing up his place. I’m not really sure what he means by that either, since Meals are included in his and Jason’s deal. Regardless I think Jason expecting Mike to have the money is unfair. Mike just moved out and Jason had no idea about the water bed till later. Carol, as you’d expect, is thrilled about Mike not living in the house anymore. Mike being gone has given Ben the idea to take up his mantle of being rude to Carol. That’s pretty much all Ben and Carol get to do in this episode. They’re reacting to the situations around them.

So obviously Jason isn’t such a big fan of Mike lying to Maggie to get his rent money from her. Jason goes outside to talk to Mike about it, and Mike’s splicing into the family cable. Jason wants to talk about how Mike needs to start acting differently, but Mike stops him because he tells him that he’s got class in an hour. Jason’s okay with that, because it seems as if Mike’s actually taking some responsibility. Mike goes up to his room above the garage. Jason’s all giddy and that’s when Maggie comes out. This is where Maggie finds out Mike lied to her to get his rent money. She wants to go talk to him, but Jason convinces her to not go talk to him and just wait to see how his and Mike’s agreement plays out.

We see the whole scene between Jason and Boner and the water bead play out. We also learn that Mike went to his class (that he was saying was so important) 30 minutes late.

Mike comes home late and is going to make himself a baloney sandwich. Jason tells him to have this plate of Green Beans, Potatoes, and Meat Loaf. Then Jason ends up charging him for the meal. He’s not actually charging him, he’s just using this as a learning experience. Mike’s a little peeved because Jason promised meal privileges in their agreement. My problem here is that Mike didn’t ask, nor did he know he was being charged for the meal. That’s totally ridiculous what Jason’s doing here. Sure he’s actually not charging him, but this very same situation could happen in the future. It’s not like Mike was asking for the meal. He was just going to make a sand which. This gets Mike and Jason into another fight and now Mike is only seen as a tenant, no longer a son too.

I like here with this episode is that they’re exploring two options of this plot line, instead of just having the same one play out throughout the entire episode. This two-parter feels already dragged on enough.

Maggie and Jason are talking in the kitchen. Maggie gets mad when she discovers Jason charged Mike for dinner. Then Jason goes into how Mike got money from her for rent while he could’ve used the money for that instead of the water bed. Maggie’s mad and wants to go talk to him. Jason then brings up how they should treat him like a tenant, like he wants. Yeah because letting Jason and Mike’s agreement play out has been a great idea so far.

Mike’s showing Eddie and Boner his place. Then the water filling up the water bed cuts out, so Mike goes to see what’s up. Jason cut it off and won’t turn it back on till he gets his money. Then Boner, Mike, and Eddie try to find something to do. Eddie’s cousin is having a party. Mike and Boner want to go because there will be a ton of girls there. There actually won’t be. By how Eddie says, “no,” it sounds like his cousin’s having a gay orgy or something. Then Boner suggests going over to his house for food. Eddie goes but Mike doesn’t. I really don’t see why Ben doesn’t go.

The next day, Jason’s trying to get at Mike. He hires Ben by giving him $10 and pretends to be all happy and cheery playing Basketball with him. After Ben leaves, Jason starts playing with the Basketball. Then he gets all sad because of Mike. Maggie sees this. Mike’s also sad.

Later that night, Ben comes into Mike’s place and invites him to a family dinner. Apparently it was Jason’s idea, but it was actually Maggie. They just wanted Mike to think it was Jason’s. Jason had no idea. That’s why he’s surprise to see Mike meet them in the driveway. Maggie decides they’ll eat in tonight, so she, with Carol and Ben, go inside to make dinner. She just really wants them to get over this feud. Jason and Mike start talking. They don’t get anywhere till Mike gives Jason his rent money, without him having taken it from anywhere else. That magically just fixes everything. Then the episode ends with Jason helping Mike hook the cable back up, while Maggie watches from the house.

That was a pretty weak conclusion. All that fighting and it was just magically solved from Mike paying up. I get that Mike’s still going to live in the garage, but it doesn’t really seem like much was solved. They’ll explore this topic further in the future, so we’ll see how it turns out.

This episode was definitely better than last week’s. It didn’t feel like most of the episode could just be cut down in a couple scenes. I also liked how the plot sorta changed halfway through. It keeps the viewers on their toes.

And That’s the Point.

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