Season 4, Episode 5: “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner”

The intro to this episode gives us a change of scenery, but it’s still boring and unforgettable (as is the episode). Turns out Jason’s father died not that long ago. To get her mind off of it, Jason sent his mother on a cruise to Mexico for three weeks, so Jason, Maggie and Ben have come to pick her up. While Jason and Ben get Irma’s bags, Maggie asks Irma how her trip was. Irma basically comes out and says she spent a lot of the cruise in bed banging this man, Walle. She claims is going to be his new husband. Maggie can’t believe what she’s hearing, but they don’t let Jason know, because he’ll overreact. You know, something Jason never does.

We cut back to the Seaver house and Mike and Carol are fighting about who’s going to be cleaning the house. Then Tawney shows up. She’s some girl Mike’s trying to score (or is scoring with). She’s all sweaty from doing aerobics all morning, so she goes to shower in Mike’s place. She came over because Mike and her are “cramming” for a test. Then everyone gets home. Irma, got some souvenirs for the kids. She got a sombrero, fruit hat, and for Ben, Carol, and Mike ,respectively. She also got this painting for Jason and Maggie. I have no idea how they got that home. It couldn’t have fit in any of her bags. Only way I see them actually being able to get it home was if they picked it up at a different area of the dock. We don’t see anyone carrying it out when they leave. Maggie and Irma head upstairs, while Ben comes into the living with a horrified look on his head. He went to go look for Mike. He left before Mike came in through the front door and Irma gave him his gift. Turns out Ben saw Tawney showering. I don’t why he’d be so horrified by that. Maybe it’s just because he didn’t expect it but still. Jason’s pissed and Mike tries to make it come off like he knew. Surprisingly, it doesn’t work.

Maggie and Irma talk about Walle. Irma goes into more detail about how they spent their time together. She wants to tell Jason, but she knows he’ll overreact. He’ll get the idea that she’s trying to replace his father, even though she isn’t.

Mike and Jason come into the kitchen. Jason’s angry because Mike’s breaking the rules, but then Mike gets out of Jason yelling at him when Irma and Maggie walk into the room. Mike says he wants to hear all about her cruise. Then Irma goes into meeting a good friend. Jason thinks it’s another woman, so he’s surprised to learn it’s a man. Jason immediately wants to have him over for dinner tonight. He lives in Manhattan. Then Tawney walks in only wearing a towel. She didn’t have any other clothing. She asks Mike if she can wash her clothes. Jason seems really more pissed about it then Irma and Maggie.

Everyone’s ready for dinner. Tawney is gone. Jason kicked her out. Walle and Irma arrives and Jason’s a dick to Walle. He goes to get the vegitables for dinner and Maggie follows him in.

They talk about the situation. Jason believes that his mom is miserable and she chose an army career guy. That’s the opposite of who he’d she regularly go for. He’s not her type. It’s just help to get her into the position she was in when her husband died. Jason then describes a man like his father, when Maggie asks what her mom’s type is. They go back in there. After dinner, the whole family is watching slides from the cruise. Then Jason acts like a dick again and Irma asks to talk to him in the kitchen.

In the kitchen, Jason tells his mom how he really doesn’t see anything bad in Walle; he just thinks she’s trying to replace his dad. She says she would never do that. Jason finally gets his head out of his ass and, like I said, realizes Walle’s a good guy. I would’ve liked some final interaction between Jason and Walle here.

For the next and final scene we just get a conversation between Jason and Maggie. They’re talking about what kinda guy Maggie would go for after Jason dies. He wouldn’t be up to Jason’s level in anyways except for sex appeal. This scene could be interesting, but it just comes off as more comedic than anything.

This was a pretty forgettable episode. It doesn’t really get interesting till the end. The pacing is sorta all over the place too. I like how it kept going back and fourth, like characters kept referencing earlier events in the episode. It was also smart to set this episode after Jason’s father’s death. From what I remember, we didn’t see either of them before. It would be stupid to have had an episode where he dies then. Not that they haven’t done that before.

And That’s the Point

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