Season 4, Ep. 6: “Homecoming Queen”

Carol gets nominated for homecoming queen but questions if she belongs in the contest. This week on Growing Pains Reviewed.

This is a weird episode. Even though I found Carol’s whole attitude annoying for pretty much the whole episode, I actually didn’t think the episode was bad. That changed a little at the end. It was paced pretty well and it didn’t seem to be repeating itself too much. That changed a little at the end. The whole narrative just becomes rushed and muddled. Let me explain.

Carol, Debbie, and Shelley are all in Gym class. We haven’t seen Debbie and Shelley all season, but I really don’t see why Carol continues to be friends with them. They’re not awful, but a lot of the time they just seem to be arguing. They don’t seem a like at all really. I guess, if it would apply here, it’s the whole opposites attract. This time, they’re getting into a discussion about Gym class. Carol doesn’t see the point in her having to take Gym, while Debbie and Shelley are for it because it gets them in shape. Thus making their bodies more attracted to boys. They’re blabbering gets so annoying, so I’m glad Principal DeWitt indirectly shuts them up. He’s come on the TV in the Gym via “the all-new Dewey High School PA System.” For some reason, all the girls in the gym class cheer when he first comes on, because the camera is pointing at his legs. I don’t even know why they’re cheering though. He has his legs cross, so it’s not even like they can see the outline of his crotch. Or are they just messing around. It doesn’t matter. Why am I still talking about this. Principal DeWitt is announcing the nominees for Prom King and Queen. Carol thinks she’s got the whole system figured out. The same type of popular people get nominated every year. She’s exactly right… well until he says her name. Debbie, Shelley, and the rest of the girls in Gym class freak out and start screaming for Carol.
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Carol, Debbie, and Shelley go to the auditorium after school. Principal DeWitt said to do that in his announcement. Before the photo of all the nominees and Principal DeWitt is taken, Carol imagines what having this nomination will be like. First she thinks about being at the actual Homecoming King and Queen crowning. It’s weird because Carol, as she imagines herself, is Carol from season 1. I thought they were trying to do the whole how once the nerdy girl in a movie/TV show takes off her glasses, she’s beautiful. They weren’t and it’s more of just a self-esteem problem Carol has. She doesn’t think she’s pretty and deserves to be in a competition with all these girls. She next imagines telling her Parents. It’s weird because in the scenario she thinks up, Jason and Maggie are wearing all white and act a lot different, like how Carol expects them to act obviously. She tells them she got nominated for Prom Queen. They start crying and Jason shoves his head in the oven ready to kill himself. Then Mike comes in. He’s like the saving grace of the family now, because he’ll always act like he’s suppose to. Carol tells Mike and he says, “it’s sorta like a Circus theme this year.” I got major Deja Vu later on in the episode, because Mike says the exact same thing to Carol later when she tells him for real. Then Ben comes in carrying a giant Rib asking for some cheese. At this point, I don’t know what the hell’s going on anymore. Turns out the cheese line was just the real world cutting into Carol’s imagination. The photographer’s telling everyone to say cheese to smile for the photo.

Back at the Seaver household, Mike comes in asking Jason for $20. He gets the money, but he has to do Jason a favor anytime. Turns out that’s changing Kris. I think this is the first time seeing the baby’s actual face since she’s was born. Mike changes the diaper and just throws it in the trashcan in the kitchen, so the whole kitchen might smell like shit now. Carol comes home and tells Jason and Maggie. To her surprise, they’re really happy for her. Carol doesn’t see why because she thinks Prom Queens are shallow and devoid of any substance. Maggie tells Carol that she was Prom Queen.

Later that night, Carol’s asleep having a nightmare. She’s at the ceremony and looks pretty. Then she turns into her old nerdy self and gets all fat.
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Then she falls into the floor of the auditorium. Carol wakes up glad to not be fat like in her dream.

Later that morning, Mike asks Jason if he can have some breakfast. Jason agrees to it, but he didn’t make enough. Due to him not knowing Mike was coming over. Now Mike’s has to eat cereal, even though I saw a bunch of toast on the counter. Carol comes in and she’s very cool and collective. She knows exactly what she’s suppose to do. She didn’t have any of her breakfast, so Mike can have it.
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Carol goes into the bathroom at school to meet Debbie and Shelley. They ready to put all this makeup on her, but she’s decide to go for a natural look.

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All the other nominees decide to follow Carol. Then Carol announces she’s dropping out, which DeWitt says she can’t. Then all the other girls say that too.

Back at home, Carol and Maggie are getting into an argument. Carol says she’s not going to the dance, and the other nominees are just rubbing her nose in it. She’s even more annoying now than she was earlier. Maggie doesn’t agree with her at all and thinks Carol is afraid that they’re better than her. Carol can’t believe what she’s hearing and believes Maggie hasn’t been listening to her the entire time, so she heads upstairs.

Jason later and comes up to talk to her. He doesn’t perused her to go really. That’s his intention, but he tries to go for a more subtle attempt. He just reminds her of some old memories to try and get her thinking about changing her mind and going.

Mike’s up in his space above the garage and Carol comes to see. She wants Mike to insult her like the good ole days with some fat and nerd jokes. He can’t just because it’s not fun when she wants him to do it and Carol’s not as much those things as she used to be.

Carol’s at the competition getting ready. She talks to some of the other girls. The first two girls are nervous. The next girl thinks she doesn’t deserve to be there, like Carol. Carol talks to this other girl and she says not everyone is in Carol’s league. Not in a snarky way. Carol just brings up (to that girl) that the girls don’t think they deserve to be fair. Carol’s surprise to hear that. All the homecoming king nominees come out to take the queens out. Carol has a little trouble getting out there at first, but she goes out there and everything’s great. I’m just really confused by this whole thing.
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Carol comes home from the dance. She had a great time. She didn’t win. Heather McDonald won, but she and the other girls got a rose and a fake gold bracelet.
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Mike comes and tries to insult Carol, but it’s not working. He thinks he’s losing his touch even further.

That episode wasn’t bad, until the end. Episode was doing okay until then. It just becomes very rushed and muddled. I get what happened. I just don’t get it how it’s suddenly all okay due to the other girls thinking they’re not in Carol’s league.

And That’s the point.

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