Season 4, Episode 8: “Ben’s First Kiss”

Ben’s hanging out in class with two kids, Stinky and Vito, who we haven’t seen since the season 4 premiere, “Fool for Love.”
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Given this episode’s plot, I find it weird Jenny (Candace Cameron) isn’t brought up at all. You know how good these writers are with continuity though. Anyway back to this episode. Vito, Stinky, and Ben are trying to find a girl for Ben to pursue. Ben decides on Judy Jones. Judy looked familiar so I looked her up to see what else she’s been in. Turns out she played Haley in The Wizard. She was also on the Growing Pains’ spinoff, Just the Ten of Us, as Pamela, a different character.
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That’s weird since these shows are suppose to be set in the same universe. Vito thinks Judy is out of Ben’s league, but Judy takes a liking to Ben. She complements Ben on his haircut, which everyone said (including Ben) looked awful. I have to agree. It’s just distracting for a lot of the episode. It’s like when Alan Thicke put some coloring into his hair at the beginning of the season to make himself look younger. After complimenting his haircut, Judy runs her hand through Ben’s hair, which really rocks his world.
Ben comes home from school and asks Dad for advice on how to proceed next. Big mistake as Jason gets into this whole story starting with mammals or whales specifically getting it on.
After being tortured by Jason, Ben goes to Mike for advice. Mike tells Ben of the first time a girl ran her fingers through his hair. It was a girl named Rhonda “Something or other” in Nursery school. Ben asks Mike what his next move should be, and Mike advises he asks her out to a movie given that it’s dark (where’s he going with this) and they’d be sitting close to each other. Plus she might share Ben’s Gubers.
It’s the next morning and Carol’s cooking breakfast. Maggie isn’t cooking, because she has to get to her exercise class, but there’s no real reason why Jason couldn’t cook. Maggie and Jason both leave and Mike, as a joke, asks Ben if the cologne he’s wearing is Butterscotch Forever. Then he lets slip that Ben’s in love, which Carol is ecstatic to hear. All this does is make Ben eager to get to school.
In class, the teacher is asking what Alexander Graham Bell’s first words to Watson on the telephone were. Ben tries to hand a note to Judy asking her out. The teacher grabs it and reads it out loud. The note says, “hi, you’re cute. Wanna go to movie.” Class ends and Judy assumed the note was for her. She’d go to the movies with Ben, but she can’t date for another two years. She then brings up the idea that if there was some kind of party, then they could hang out then. Ben then makes up that his Birthday party is tonight, even though his birthday was in October. The news seems to get around the school really fast, so now Ben has at least 30 kids coming to his party.
Ben comes in the kitchen where Jason and the baby are. He asks where Mike is, who’s up in his apartment.
Ben tells Mike about the whole thing, which Mike can’t believe. Mike’s gotten himself into some really crazy stuff before, but there’s never been anything like this. They let Carol in on it, because she’ll help. She wouldn’t usually help with a party like this, but she’ll do it in this case. That’s because it’s for love and Carol gets off on this sorta stuff.
They ask her and she wholeheartedly agrees and is really excited about this. They needed Carol because she’s good at thinking this stuff out, which they definitely need in a situation like this.
Carol and Ben are waiting for Mike to call, while reading magazines. Ben’s reading his upside down. Jason comes downstairs about to get dinner ready than Mike calls. Ben knows who it is, so he tells Jason it’s for him. That’s before he even picks up the phone and Jason’s right there. Ben hands the phone over to Jason and it’s Mike claiming to be the manager of the Star of India restaurant. He says Jason’s won a free meal for two tonight. Jason falls for it, so him and Maggie will be out of the house for the party.
Jason and Maggie are leaving and then Stinky arrives.
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He says he’s just come in to see Ben, but Jason questions why he’s in a tux. Stinky says it’s because he’s going to his uncle’s funeral. Maggie asks why he has a present and Stinky says, “we’re circus people.” Jason and Maggie don’t really think about it and they head out.
The party is in full swing and Ben’s anxiously waiting for Judy. Judy finally arrives and Ben goes to talk to her. Carol’s just so excited to see all the young love and Mike’s mocking her. Mike got a band, but it turns out to be Boner’s Uncle Nismo, an Accordion player.
Ben and Judy are talking and eating cake. Ben tries to smoothly turn the lights out, so it’s more romantic. Him and Judy get closer and closer. They’re about to kiss,
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when Carol turns on the light and announces it’s time for the close pin drop game, which everyone’s really excited about.
We cut to Jason and Maggie at the Indian restaurant.
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The server, who’s also the ower, brings out their food and says he’d thought they enjoy the Beans Moracin too. Jason loves it, but he asks to make sure it’s included with the free dinner. Maggie didn’t even know the dinner was free. The server brings up the $40 limit too. See Carol gave the restaurant $40 for Jason and Maggie. That’s all the money Mike had on top of his drawer. I knew that would come back at them. Jason says, “I smell a rat.” He’s referring to what’s really going on at their house, but the owner thinks he’s referring to the rat in the food that Jason and Maggie have no idea of.
Stinky won the Close Pin Drop Competition. After the competition, Ben and Judy start dancing. They get really close to kissing just as Jason and Maggie come through the door. Interestingly enough, Alan Thicke’s (Jason) son, Robin Thicke, is in this episode. He’s the boy right behind Ben in the scene below.
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Jason and Maggie make everyone leave and then Jason finds out this was a fake birthday party for Ben, which he’s not happy about.
Ben’s giving everyone back the gift they got for him. Judy comes and Ben apologizes and thinks Judy hates him, but Judy is really flattered that he’d do all this to be with her. Judy and Ben finally get their kiss.
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Judy leaves then Mike jumps up. Ben says that he’ll probably get grounded for the rest of his life but getting kissed made it worth. He assumes it’ll be all uphill from here, but Mike corrects him and says, “now you’ll learn what real pain is.”
End scene: Carol’s going on to Maggie about how they all got punished tonight, which is fair. Carol’s the only one who didn’t get anything out of it. Ben got his first kiss and Mike got the satisfaction of helping Ben get his first kiss and making him more of a man. Carol claims she just helped to make something special happen. She doesn’t see the crime in what she did. Maggie sees her point and takes away her punishment. Well she does until she hears Carol say, “Michael Seaver, you’re not the only one who knows how to do that.” Maggie then reinstates the punishment.
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That was an okay episode. My main problem is it felt like it was covering new ground for Ben, but it already went there in the season premiere. This definitely takes it further, so that’s something.

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