Season 4, Episode 9: “The Nanny.”

When Maggie goes back to work after the birth of her baby, Jason hires a young, pretty co-ed to serve as a nanny. Only problem is, Maggie feels threatened and wants the girl fired. This week on Growing Pains. Just reading that, even before I watched the episode, gave me a headache.
I pretty much hated this episode. It represents why Maggie is probably the most annoying character on this show.

A main problem is that almost half of this episode could’ve been cut down considerably. The Seavers have made a schedule of when everyone takes care of the baby. For this day, Carol takes care the baby as soon as she gets home. If she can’t do it for some reason, Mike takes over. If Mike can’t do it, then Ben takes over. I guess Jason takes care of the baby until any of the kids get home, which makes sense. Maggie’s going back to work today. Problem is that it seems for Jason to have a such hard time when he’s trying to take care of Chris later when he has patients and the kids aren’t home. Doesn’t he have patients earlier when the kids aren’t home either? Maggie’s also having a trouble leaving the baby to go to work so there’s that.

Maggie gets to the office and no one is really acknowledging that she’s back after a few months. There’s only one other person in the office with her. That person tells Maggie Mr. Sidlevich wants to see her in his office. I never thought about it, but man does Sid Sidlevich remind me of Principal DeWitt. I thought for a minute it was just the same actor and they were too lazy to try and find another actor. It wouldn’t surprise me. Maggie goes into Sidlevich’s office and everyone from the office is there surprising her and welcoming her back.

Back at home, the whole scene goes down where Jason is trying to juggle Chris and his patients. None of the kids are home. He calls Debbie to find out where Carol is, but she doesn’t know. Then Mike comes in, so he gets stuck with the baby. When Ben comes home, Mike sticks him with the baby. Then Stinky comes in to drop off a present his parents got for Chris. Why is this present coming so late? She had the baby months ago. I’m also surprised this is the first baby centric episode, since Chris was born. Not that I wanted it, but I was surprised we are just now getting one. The gift is a tool to help Maggie breastfeed, as we see Stinky wear it later when Jason is looking for Mike.

Maggie is about to go home, but Mr. Sidlevich tells her she needs to cover a breaking hostage situation. Maggie acts like she can’t, because she has to go home. According to the board they made, it her turn to go help with Chris. Well that’s your job Maggie. You’re a reporter. She does it once Sidlevich tries to get a Police officer at the office.

Later Jason is looking at the board when Maggie comes home. The kids are all hiding up in Mike’s place. They come down and say what happened. Carol claims she didn’t call, because she knew Mike is suppose to cover for her. Mike’s mad about that, and Ben’s mad about Mike dumping the baby on him. All of them leave and Jason and Maggie talk about what to do next. They decide they need to hire a nanny. They’ve never done it with any of the other kids, because they don’t like the idea of someone else raising their kid. Due to the hours that the nanny would be working, they don’t see it that way. They don’t have time to interview the nanny together, so Jason will just do it.

Maggie comes home the next night and she runs into Julie, the new nanny. Maggie immediately takes a disliking to her, since she’s young, blond, and attractive. Julie leaves and in comes Jason ready to have a romantic meal with Maggie. The kids already ate, as Carol brings up. Carol likes the way she cooks. Ben actually likes exercising because he can do it with Julie, who’s attractive. Mike likes the way she does the laundry too. Maggie wants her fired, because she feels threatened. These type of episodes where Maggie feels insecure are some of the worst.

Later in their room, Maggie is on the exercise bike. She’s trying to lose the weight put on by the baby. She looked fine to me. Jason comes in and they talk. He thinks there’s another reason she’s actually upset and she’s just taking out on Chris. Maggie thinks that’s ridiculous and Jason hired Julie because she’s young and cute. Jason tells Maggie Julie can be fired as long as she does it. Maggie has no problem with that.

It’s the next day and Maggie is about to come on to do her news report. Turns out Julie really likes seeing Maggie in action. She’s inspired by her. Mike and Ben also enjoy looking at Julie’s butt as she bends in to watch the television.

Later that night, Maggie comes home to see Julie folding laundry in the kitchen. They talk with Maggie’s intention being to fire her. She finds out Julie is thinking about switching her major from psychology to Journalism. That’s all because of Maggie. She was surprised to find out Maggie was the mother of the family, since she watches her on the news and she uses her different name. I like how they keep that joke going. Turns out Maggie did the same thing. Then they go on to talk about Jason. Julie brings up how much Jason misses her when she’s gone, which Maggie loves to hear. After hearing all this, Maggie doesn’t want to fire her anymore. So of course we have another conclusion where Maggie was unsecured and now she isn’t.

This episode was pretty bad. Half of the episode felt unneeded. Then you have the whole Julie situation which is just really annoying. I liked Julie though. I’m glad she’s in future episodes and not just wasted.

And That’s the Point.

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