Season 4, Episode 12: “Mom of the Year”

This is a really shitty episode. It’s a Maggie centric episode. As soon as I figured that out, I was already dreading it. There’s also this extremely unnecessary sublot with Carol, which I’ll get to. That being said, it does deliver the best bit of the episode. Otherwise, this episode can go to hell.

Maggie’s covering this garbage strike. She’s also supposed to be at this ceremony honoring her as working money of the year. What a stupid award. The problem is that she has to wait outside the building, where a deal is being negotiated to end the strike, in her van with her co-worker Ron. Maggie calls Jason, who’s at the ceremony with everyone else. She’s suppose to accept her award after some these fat women get done dancing and singing about Bananas. I’m serious. Ron offers her half of his sandwich. This is where she reads her awful speech which gets her into how she got into this whole situation in the first place. We get like around 7 minutes of content, but it really could be covered in less than half of that.

It’s 3 A.M. and Mike is just getting home. Maggie is rocking the car, from the back, with her butt. It helps Chris fall asleep, who’s in the back seat.

Kill me.

She usually would just drive around, but she’s low on gas. Mike takes over, so Maggie can go work on her speech, which ends up just being garbage apparently. We never actually hear the whole speech. Jason comes home, who was at a convention for the past three days. He begins to talk to Maggie, but she falls asleep.

The next morning, Maggie’s leaving for work. She’s stopped by Ben and Carol, because she promised to talk about TV Journalism to Ben’s school. Nothing really happens. It’s a pretty pointless scene. You could cut this out all together and it would make no difference. Well besides making the episode actually better. She denies TV reporting just being journalists with no real talent going. The question was brought up by a girl in Ben’s class. Then another kid in Ben’s class, who’s actually Alan Thicke’s (Jason’s) son. He asked if she really brought Ben on the gun story with her. She has no idea what he’s talking about, but she confirms it to be true when she sees all the kids knew Ben was lying. Like I said, very pointless scene.

An even more pointless scene is we find out Carol has a date with a 28 year old man. Maggie is pissed and stops them from seeing each other immediately. What happened to Matthew Perry? The scene isn’t even through up till later when Jason finds out.

Maggie finishes her story and we go back to the ceremony.

The dancing Banana women finally finish. Then Jason goes up to get the award. For some reason, they didn’t tell anyone Maggie wasn’t going to be here. This entirely ceremony is pointless now. Jason starts to read Maggie’s speech, but it makes no sense coming from him. Jason talks about the other night, when Maggie fell asleep. It shows how attentive of a mother she is, because she reminds Jason to go check on the baby. She also had champagne and balloons ready to welcome Jason.

Maggie finally arrives to where the ceremony is and it’s ended. She talks with this cleaning lady named Kathleen. Turns out she won Employee of the Month a long time ago. Her husband and kids took her home after the ceremony and did everything for her back at home. Maggie and Kathleen finish up and Maggie heads home. At home, she pours some champagne in some glasses for her and Jason.

End scene: Jason finds out about the 28 year old guy Carol is dating and he’s pissed. Obviously, Carol isn’t allowed to date her. She can only date up to age 19. The bald spot is also brought up. Then Mike comes in with a wig that has a huge bald spot. He’s the acting like the boyfriend, who’s said they can’t see each other.

This episode has an idea behind it. Granted it’s boring, but it’s still an idea. The problem is they don’t do anything with it. The episode is also riddled with the pointless subplot of Carol getting a 28 year old. There was no point to go to Ben’s school, but that had to do with her career at least.

And That’s the Point.

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