Season 4, Episode 14: “Feet of Clay”

Feet of Clay sees the return of Jeff, from Who’s Zoomin Who? Yeah, you’d think that, since Brad Pitt’s in this episode, but he’s playing an entirely new character here. Here Pitt plays a rockstar that Ben idolizes and gets to meet in the episode. I read the plot summary before watching the episode. It seems so predictable that it hurts. I predict Ben will end up meeting Jonathan Keith and he’ll turn out to be a dick or something. That’s how a lot of these plot lines go. Will I be right? Let’s see!

Mike and Ben are waiting in a huge crowd early in the morning for Jonathan Keith tickets.
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Mike tries to put the moves on this girl named Ellie, but he strikes out. Ellie is also the name of Jonathan Keith’s wife, which is important later. We’re notified by a guy, who’s been camping out for three days, that tickets are sold out. Seems really weird that there’s not a ton of people separating that guy from Mike and Ben, and they’ve only been waiting in line for an hour or two.

Back at home, Ben come home bummed that he didn’t get tickets. Mike didn’t want to see it anyway. He was just in line because someone had to go with Ben, and Ben paid him every five minutes. Jonathan Keith’s dad is actually a Psychiatrist that Jason knows, so he gives him a call to try and get tickets.
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Turns out that’s a common occurrence and the dad really has come to resent the idea. Since that doesn’t work, Maggie calls the entertainment editor for her paper. She manages to get them backstage for soundcheck and great seats for the concert.

The next day, Carol has to baby Chris due to the concert, even though she had plans. Mike actually offered to do it. He’s getting paid $10 and Carol’s getting paid $10. Now they’re both getting paid $10, between them. I’m glad a plotline of this episode isn’t them taking care of Chris. That would’ve been boring. The plotline really only comes in when it’s necessary, for the most part.

At the venue where the concert is, the soundcheck just happened. There’s a recurring joke about how Maggie’s old and her hearing isn’t really that great. She couldn’t really hear, because the soundcheck was really loud. Ben has to go to the bathroom, and Maggie goes somewhere too. Jason’s holding on to Ben’s Jonathan Keith album and so happens to run into Keith. Keith gladly signs the record, and he tells Jason that Ben can meet him if he comes by his dressing room in the next 10 minutes.
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Then Jason overhears Jonathan yelling and being a dick at one of his employees in his dressing room. I was right!

Ben comes and gets to meet Jonathan Keith.
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They take a ton of photos together for the press, and Keith gives Ben and them three front row tickets for the show tonight. Ben realizes he forgot his album and runs in to see Keith making out with a girl who’s not his wife, Ellie. That’s why I brought it up earlier. I like how they don’t say right there that Ellie is his wife. Jonathan starts yelling at Ben, like he was with his employee. He called him a “snot nose little brat, and he told him to get out. What’s with Brad Pitt playing assholes on this show.
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Back at home, Ben goes up to his room and rips his poster of Jonathan Keith.
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Now he doesn’t want to go to the concert. With Mike’s help, he tries to sell the tickets to this guy named Boom Boom. Jason has no idea why Ben would want to sell them or why there is even someone at the house trying to buy them. Ben tells Jason about what happened. Jason tells him that even if the guy’s a jerk, that doesn’t mean he can’t enjoy his music. Thank you, Jason! This is the best thing he’s ever said.
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End scene: Jason, Maggie, and Ben come back from the concert. They thought it was great. Only thing is Jason and Maggie are having trouble with their hearing again. It’s a tired joke that was really never funny.
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They should’ve just ended with the previous episode.

This episode was okay. The whole plot is cliche, but I really like the resolution.

And That’s the Point.

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