Season 4, Ep. 18: “The Recruiter”

Carol wants to go to Columbia over Boston College, which is the school her parents went to and want her to go through. She practices telling them this on Ben. It’s suppose to be one of those situations where you think she’s telling Maggie and Jason, but it’s obvious she’s not talking to them. The writers thought they were being clever.

Carol is in the living room telling Jason and Maggie about her decision. They don’t let her finish, because they automatically assume, by her choice of words, that she wants to go to Boston College. Carol doesn’t want to tell them the truth, because she doesn’t want to hurt their feelings.

Now Carol is in this dilemma and Mike’s going to help her. Carol’s going to bomb the interview on purpose. I don’t get how she’s going to all this trouble when she was going to tell them at the beginning. It’s not like they weren’t excited about her before. There’s this weird fascination with sandwiches in this episode. Ben’s eating one at the beginning. Mike’s eating on in this scene. Maggie’s eating one later on. They’re really big too.

The phone rings and it’s a recruiter for Boston College letting them know that he’s in the area and can stop by for their interview. Carol makes Ben not tell Maggie or Jason. He’s cool to go along with it. He just wants her out of the house.

Maggie and Jason are about to leave for their Lamaze class. This is great for Carol because now they’ll be out of the house. Only problem is she needs people playing one or both of her parents there.

She tells Mike about this. He can make it work though even though it’ll be a little difficult given the circumstances.

Carol dresses up definitely how you shouldn’t with an interview. In comes the people Mike found. The guy’s name is Fred and the girl’s name is Wilma, like the Flintstones. They both look like homeless drug attics. Possibly are because who knows where Mike got them from. Wilma is missing her teeth, so she’s out. She just goes in the kitchen and eats the food Carol’s prepared. They’re able to make Fred look a little better though. He’s wearing Jason’s Boston College vest.

The recruiter arrives and it doesn’t go well, as they wanted. All of them are really rude and scary towards the recruiter. The weird thing is they don’t want Fred to act as weird as he is, but I don’t see why. They want to make sure there’s no chance of Carol getting into this school. It doesn’t matter anyway because Carol now, as told by the recruiter, has no chance of getting into the college. Their plan worked, but now Jason and Maggie has come home. I’m not sure why they didn’t run into the recruiter because they just arrived as he left.

Now Carol and Mike are trying to convince Maggie and Jason that Fred is the recruiter. It goes as well for Carol and Mike as it did for the recruiter. It goes terribly. Fred gets a lot of the info wrong. He prefers to Boston College as Boston University. He tries to make up an excuse, but there’s already a Boston University. Fred gets Maggie’s name wrong and Jason’s profession wrong, multiple time. They know something is up, and then the doorbell rings. It’s the real recruiter. He forgot one of his things. The Jig’s up.

Carol and Maggie don’t see why Carol just didn’t tell them the truth. She claims she didn’t want to hurt their feelings, but she had no problem almost doing that in the beginning.

End scene: Carol and Maggie now know they shouldn’t have put the pressure on Carol. They won’t do the same for Kris (or Ben I guess). Then Wilma, who they didn’t know about, comes in returning the dish of food saying it was delicious.

And That’s the point

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