Season 4, Ep. 19: “Show Ninety — (Who Knew?”

The beginning of this episode made my ears bleed. There are all these different sounds going on at the same time. Carol’s trying to talk to Sandy (Matthew Perry), but Ben has the TV on too loud. Then Julie comes in and tries to talk to Carol but she can’t hear her. Jason comes in from his office complaining about the noise, but it all stops when Mike comes in when he asks Jason to look at his Psychology homework.

Mike got a C-, but he feels like he deserved a B. He really studied hard and claims the professor has it out for him. Jason and Mike look at the test. One of the things Mike did that deducted points was that he had the right word, but he spelled it differently.

We have another scene to remind us that Mike and Julie are secretly dating. By how they were in this scene, I expected this to be the episode where the rest of the Seavers find out. I was wrong though. I like Julie, but she seems to only come in when it’s convenient for her character. It seems like she should be there more given what her job is. Also it’s funny how Maggie was worried about Jason and Julie having sex and Mike are seeing each other. Mike’s going over to Julie’s house to study later.

Jason comes into the kitchen. There Mike and him talk more about the grade and his teacher. The weird thing is in the next scene Maggie is really making sure Jason didn’t order Mike to drop the class. He’s dancing around it kinda, but he didn’t at all. Mike wants to, but Jason tells him to stick out. He had a teacher just like Mike has. Later on he realized how much of a great teacher he was, even though Maggie calls bullshit on it. That doesn’t matter. He still meant what he said, even though it wasn’t really true. He still preferred to him by the nickname they gave him. We don’t hear the name, but his name is Mr. Handcock. He also was sorta rude to him at their reunion. The point is Jason didn’t tell Mike to drop the class.

Jason comes into Mike’s place to check in on him and bring him some cookies. Mike just gets there a little after Jason comes. He was at Julie’s and almost lets it slip, by accident, multiple times. Jason takes a look at Mike’s paper and notices there’s good and bad. When Mike isn’t looking Jason changes his wrong answers. So now it seems like it’ll go as that Malcolm in the Middle episode did. Mike will still get a bad grabe showing the teacher is out to get him, because Jason wrote it.

The next day, Mike comes home and turns out he got a D. Jason lets everyone know he wrote it, so he should’ve gotten an A. Everyone just shocked that Jason got a D, but now Jason is convinced that the professor has it out for Mike.

It’s the middle of the night and Jason has now checked all of the answers. He tells Maggie and now she’s convinced that the teacher does have it out for Mike. Maggie wants to go down to give the professor a piece of her mind, but Jason advises against it. He’s in college. That would embarrass, even though Jason does exactly that.

He talks to Mike’s professor. It’s one of those situations where there’s multiple answers that could be right. Since he’s the professor, they have to go by the way he thinks. Jason thinks the teacher is crazy.

Mike meets with Julie at her apartment and they’re going to go out on a romantic night. Julie thought they had to study, but Mike tells her he’s dropping the class. She thinks it’s a horrible idea and uses manipulation to get him to change his mind. She brings up all the stuff they were going to do in the summer that they can’t because Mike has to make up credits. It works and Mike decides against it.

Maggie and Mike are home wondering where Jason is. Jason comes home telling Mike he should drop the class. Mike can’t believe Jason went to talk to the teacher and how embarrassing it is. Mike tells Jason he isn’t dropping the class. He’ll stick it out since it’s only a little bit longer. Mike’s grade, because of Jason, is now an F. So I guess the moral of this one is that Jason let his pigheadedness get in the way.

End scene: Ben and Mike trick Carol into doing Ben’s homework. They just keep betting each other she can’t do the next one until they bet she can’t do the whole page. I feel like Carol is definitely smarter than this.

Episode is okay. The episode just seems to sorta end, even though the story is pretty much complete. It’s really weird to describe. I like how Ben and Carol were used in the episode. They didn’t really have anything to do, so they were put in very sparingly. It’s not just like putting them in for a couple dumb filler scenes.

And That’s the Point.

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