Season 4, Ep. 20: “Second Chance”

Oh my god, this episode! They do something really big. The bad part is it’s pretty much just for a plot device and to have a message. I knew this was coming, but I was still interested to see how they do it. Turns out it was really disappointing.

The episode starts in the kitchen. Sandy (Matthew Perry) and Carol have a date tonight. Ben and Mike are real assholes in these episodes. They keep making fun of Carol, but it’s gotten so old at this point. It’s like how I was saying making fun of Mike is getting boring. Carol and Sandy are getting pretty serious. Carol doesn’t think of Sandy as a boyfriend, but that’s just because Sandy hasn’t said anything about. Sandy comes, and then Carol and him leave.

Then return home close to midnight later that night. One of the places they went was a bar. That comes up later. Carol and Sandy are making out. Ben’s recording the whole thing as we find. Carol and Sandy find out when Ben realizes he’s out of tape. Carol gets the tape from Ben when she threatens to tell Jason about Ben taking his Medical Journals. Turns out Sandy is one the Dean’s list, so he invites Carol to this Dean’s luncheon they’re having. She can’t go, because she and her family are having lunch with h Irma and Wally. Sandy sorta manipulates her by saying it’s too bad she can’t go, since he’d love to have his girlfriend be there. That’s the first time Sandy has ever called Carol that. She’s coming now and says she can probably get out of it.

Carol comes in and Maggie greats her, since it’s 12:47. Carol’s curfew is at 12:00. Maggie thinks it’s okay, because she was actually on the porch before midnight. She just didn’t come in the house till 12:47. Plus Maggie really likes Sandy, as she says multiple times throughout the episode. Carol tells Maggie about the luncheon to which Maggie says she can skip lunch in the city for.

The next day, the Seavers return home from the city. Carol is still home. Sandy is 2 and a half hours late, so she’s waiting by the phone to see if he calls. The phone rings. Once again, Mike and Ben are being dicks. Ben took the cord from the kitchen phone and Mike is holding it in his hand. Carol gets a hold of the phone, and it’s Doug. Dough is Sandy’s roommate. Turns out Sandy was in a car crash, and he’s hurt really bad.

Carol, Jason, and Maggie go to the hospital. There they see Doug. Doug advises Carol to say she’s Sandy’s brother. Doug only got to see him saying he’s brother. Carol messes up the whole brother thing when talking, so she just lies and says she’s Sandy’s fiance.

Carol talks to Sandy and turns out Sandy was drunk driving. He’s not sure what happened, because he’s had drinks before and has made it home fine. He’ll be okay though. He’s scared of what his dad will do, because Sandy destroyed the car when he hit the tree. Carol and Sandy say goodbye. Carol is going to come see him later.

Carol, Jason, and Maggie come home to Mike, who has this really cold look on his face. Turns out Sandy died. He was bleeding from the inside. Carol is in shock and crying, since she just saw it. It’s a really sad moment. Even though Sandy was only in like three episodes, it’s effective due to Kirk Cameron and Tracy Gold’s acting. The Seavers all hug together ending the episode.

I’m fine with shows wanting to kill characters. For a sitcom like this, it’s great to see. It’s a lot better than the character being fine. It helps with the impact of what the show is trying to get across. My problem is they kill off a character who hasn’t been in very much of the show. There’s this LA Times article I came across where one of the creators said they were considering killing off one of Carol’s friends, but it would be for re-runs. Forget the reruns, that’s a much better idea. We’ve known them for much longer. The bigger problem is it just seems like they killed off Sandy to have a message. There’s a message that pop ups on the screen about how many people have been killed or injured from drunk driving when we were watching the show. It just seems so preachy.

And That’s the Point.

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