Season 4, Ep. 21: “The Loooove Boat”

The theme of this episode is men are assholes, especially Jason.

In the wake of Sandy’s death, there’s no mention of him at all. Makes sense given the type of the show this is, but it’s still kinda weird. They were probably thinking it would be bad for re-runs.

Mike and Julie are continuing to keep their relationship a secret. The rest of the Seavers come home with Wally and Irma. The weird thing is Mike, who was making out with Julie before they came home, felt the need to go into another room. It’s not like he could’ve just been hanging out with Julie. Irma and Wally are getting married on the same cruise that they met, and the rest of the Seavers (including Julie) are coming along.

Everybody is making their way on the ship, and it turns out Jason is still butt-hurt that his mom is getting married. Oh my god, get over it. She’s happy! We had an entire episode to deal with this before. Now we’re getting another one. This is the first part of the season finale too.

Everyone is getting adjusted into their room, and Mike and Julie avoid people seeing them making out. I know it’s a big plot point, but do they have to remind us every 5 minutes. It’s seems like they’re just doing this, because it’s going to be a big part of the episode later.

Ben has trouble finding something for him to do. He goes to the Casino, but he gets kicked out for being too young. He runs into the coordinator for Wally and Irma’s wedding. She wants to show him to the kid’s lounge, but then the University of Stockholm’s gymnastic team drops. They’re all in swimsuits. Ben shows them to the pool.

Mike and Julie are on the deck of the ship, with Kris. They’re going to spend sometime together later that night, at 7. Julie is going to Irma’s bachelorette party, but she’s all free besides that. Julie leaves and Ben yells for Mike. I find it weird Ben is yelling for Mike, because Ben has no idea Mike is in the same area as him. Ben tells Mike all about the women, but Mike stresses to Ben that there’s more to women than just their looks. He keeps saying this until he sees the women.

Maggie and Jason finish up lunch with Wally and Irma. Maggie and Wally leave, while Jason talks to Irma. He gives her a prenuptial agreement. Are you serious? Everyone gets pissed at Jason for this and rightfully so. You’re mom is getting married in a day, Jason.

Irma and Maggie go to the bachelorette party, where Carol has hired a male stripper. I was disappointed they didn’t utilize being on a ship more for this, but they at least did this.

Ben is in the pool with the women, and they want Mike to come in. He doesn’t plan on it, since he’s meeting with Julie in a few minutes. He decides to go in the pool, even though he has 2 minutes left. He couldn’t have waited that long.

Julie is waiting for him. He doesn’t show, and she gets pissed. She walks in on him and Ben getting massages from the girl. He keeps trying to keep their relationship secret in front of Ben. Julie gets pissed, even though it seemed like she was cool with the idea. That’s how Mike messed up, let’s see how Jason messed.

Everyone, except for Mike and Julie, are talking with the planner about the wedding. Jason once again gets all pissed off. He takes a jab at Wally with saying how his family showed up. Wally also sorta insults Jason and them, with only Jason seem to notice. Everybody gets mad at Jason, which sets up the plot for the 2nd part of the season finale.

This episode was annoying. We have a whole new episode about Jason being mad that his mom is getting married. It was annoying the first time, but they’re just overdoing it now. We’ll also see more of this, since it’s a two-parter.

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